Through the many years of serving our communities' concrete needs, times have changed. It's been our philosophy at R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction, Inc. to embrace change and to stay at the forefront of the changes that take place in our industry. One of the most important ways we've found to continue to improve our service and product offerings is to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the industry.


R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction, Inc. uses technology not only to better ourselves, but to also provide better services and finished products that we may provide to you, the home or business owner. We use an array of equipment that's on the cutting edge of technology.


On every job we use one of our two Leica Robotic Layout Stations. This allows us to be as precise as 1/32" of an inch within being square. Equipment like this not only helps us better our customers and provide a quality product, but also allows us to do so in as accurate and timely manner as possible.


Another piece of equipment that we have in our fleet is a Sterling Crane with an Effer Boom. This allows us to move panels easily and safely in and out of one job and on to the next.


Our advanced technology is not limited to the job site, either. Within our offices we use the AutoCAD programs to not only quote all our jobs, but also to redraw each and every print to remove clutter and allow our technicians on the jobsite to precisely place all windows, sleeves, beam pockets, and more. This helps eliminate costly mistakes and keeps your project running smoothly.


R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction, Inc. serves Northwest Ohio, West Central Ohio, and the Miami Valley. Project diversity is a fundamental element of our business model. We've been in the business of concrete construction since 1979, including residential, agricultural, and light commercial concrete projects.

We partner with customers, designers, subcontractors and suppliers on hundreds of projects each year.